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Subject RE: [C2]: To Beta or not to Beta?
Date Thu, 31 May 2001 16:16:21 GMT
Apart from technical issues, bugs and other considerations, there's a little
batallion of developers and front-end engineers over here who would be
*very* happy if a beta is released soon now.

I know these are things which can not be rushed, and that we (as
non-commiters and only casual patch-submitters) have no voice in this, but
perhaps this cry might stimulate the core C2 people.

As far as real-world references is concerned, C2 is used here for two
considerably-sized projects, one of them which will be fairly visible in our
little corner of the world (highly database centric yellow pages stuff with
n-thousands of user sessions a day).

Thumbs up for what has been achieved so far.


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