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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Issues left for going beta
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 06:50:35 GMT
Dear Developers

Most of the developers on Apache Cocoon 2 are willing to produce the first beta 
very soon. I'd like to collect the showstopper issues remaining.

A few days ago Carsten proposed the 18th of May for a beta date. No one objected 
it but there are still issues left and my time left to do it at the moment is 
really sparse.

The recent discussion about Parameter forced me to have a look at all the 
interfaces that belong to sitemap component. I've found that we need to vote on 
the following topic.

a) Does a Matcher need to be parameterized and thus need to expand the match 
method of the Matcher interface with Parameters?

b) The same issue is true for Selector as well. Does it need it, too?

The discussion and voting about moving the <parameter> element into the map 
namespace will block the beta release until it's done because this is a change 
of the sitemap syntax/semantic and we cannot do it afterward because it will 
break backward compatability. I know that it will not be a trivial change to 
whoever will patch the sitemap.xsl file because of some code optimation done 
there based on namespace tests (see my recent response to Marcus Crafters 
question about those tests).

Another issue is the production of the dists. I've made some test yesterday 
evening and found that it is very huge (about 18M). After analysing it I've seen 
that the source dist has all the jar twice in it. Once int the ./lib and once in 
the ./webapp/WEB-INF/lib directory. How can/Should we reduce it?

Also there is no "binary dist" target in the build.xml yet. Well, this might not 
be a issue for the beta-1 release.

A few week/month ago we discussed about standardizing the namespaces we use in 
C2. The general pattern we agreed upon was: 

Where APPLICATION is either "cocoon" for cocoon centric applications or "xsp" 
for logicsheets, FOOBAR is the name of the application concern and VERSION is 
another pattern describing the version of the application in the form 
major.minor which are both positive integers. There have been ports of 
logicsheets from C1 which don't respect this normation. Should we change those 
namespaces to the pattern above or have new ones (with similar or equal 
functionallity) sometimes after going beta?

Ah, the new (the old has this as well IIRC) I18nTransformer uses a parameter 
named src to specify the dictionary to use. I think it should be consistent with 
all sitemap components that such values are best specified in the src attribute 
of the transform element:

   <map:transform type="i18n" src="dictionary.xml"/>

And also do we realy need two of them? Are they in such a way different from 
each other to legitimate this?

As I've said in the beginning of this mail my time is very limited these days 
and thus I cannot propose a date for the beta because I cannot predict when the 
issues listed here will be fixed/realized. The 18th of May is tomorrow, so it 
will not be realizable (uh, another Avalon interface ? :). We can shift it from 
week to week but this doesn't makes any fun. For me and most of you this is a 
unpleasant situation but it doesn't makes any sense to define a date for going 
beta without seeing it really possible to make.

So, your comments and votes :)


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