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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: some aggregation questions
Date Mon, 07 May 2001 11:24:22 GMT
Quoting Torsten Curdt <>:

> There is the XIncludeSAXconnector and the sitemap aggregation
> 1. Which one is usually faster? Talking about a local aggregation
>    I assume the SAXconnector?

I have no idea of which one will be faster.

> 2. I remember having some trouble putting the map:generate etc inside
>    the map:part elmenent ommitting the src attribute. But this should
>    work, shouldn't it?! (Maybe I had trouble because of the sub sitemap)

There aren't any element inside a map:parm element:

   <map:aggregate ...>
     <map:part .../>
     <map:part .../>

> 3. Looking at the aggregation example I recognized the parts are
>    serialized to html before they are aggregated. Why? This does not
>    make much sense to me.

Why do you think they get serializer to html? Because there is a serializer in 
the pipeline? Well, the map:serialize element is used as an indication to the 
sitemap when a pipeline has reached it's final component. But the map:part as 
well as the XIncludeSAXConnector strips them away because they only use the real 
XML part. You have to note that a pipeline is made up of a EventPipeline (pure 
SAX) and a StreamPipeline (serializer part). The aggregation components only use 
the EventPipelines.


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