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From Rick Tessner <>
Subject Re: [C2] Caching and FOP ...
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 13:15:55 GMT
On Wed, 09 May 2001 23:29:30 EDT, "Colin Britton" wrote:

>We appear to have a problem with the FOPSerializer which I do not
>understand, maybe someone can help point me in the right direction.
>When a pdf is first viewed, it does not appear (or appears blank - ie the
>correct number of pages are there, but no data), but a refresh makes it

I was getting this problem initially as well.  I've just checked
out the latest CVS (xml-cocoon2 module) and rebuilt/installed.

The PDF is now working on the first try, but not working on reload.
So, the problem has kinda reversed.

However, it's not limited to PDF now.  Reloading a simple HTML
page is kinda gibbled.  If I just go to


I get the standard "Welcome" page.  Doing a reload, I get the page,
but it's lost all the HTML tags ... Attached is the HTML that
is generated on a reload of the "Welcome" page.

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