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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Where to look for 'ComponentSelector could not access the Component for hint: sitemap'?
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 13:10:13 GMT
"Morrison, John" wrote:
> Hi Berin,

> but the sitemap is OK for TC...? If the map is malformed is there anywhere
> which will tell me whats wrong?

There is the possibility that Servlet Exec is not passing a handle to the
work directory (repository) that has write permissions.  It is imperitive
that you have write permissions there.

> > If the .java file
> > is there and complete, try compiling it by hand.  Usually,
> > there is an inconsistency
> > in the sitemap that prevents it from being compiled.
> Does Cocoon expect the java to be in a particular location? (ie where TC
> puts it?)

Cocoon follows the servlet 2.2 standards for obtaining a Work Directory--which
the Servlet Container is supposed to pass a File object pointing to a directory
that the servlet can use for a hash area.  Unfortunately, if it does not have
the proper permissions (for the runtime user of the servlet engine) to write
to the directory, then the sitemap could be correct, but never written.

Are you on a UNIX system?  If so, are you running as a specific user?  If you
are running as that user, are the work areas set up to write for that user?
Also, does the containing directory have the proper permissions?  Make sure
that the user has at least read access to every directory in the path, and
write access to the directory in question.

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