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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Re: [c2] add timeout parameter to map:generator?
Date Mon, 14 May 2001 22:35:48 GMT
Donald Ball wrote:

> i just spent several minutes trying to track down what i thought was a
> caching or threading problem in c2 - one of my aggregating pages was
> taking a very long time to process, frequently timing out before it got to
> my browser. as it turns out, the problem was that the aggregate feed
> (slashdot) was taking a looooong time to return results. anyone opposed to

Also, Filegenerator should be changed to URLGenerator, and use the 
"Expires" and "IfModifiedSince" headers to work out a way into the 
cache. A minimum expiration time is much better than a time out, for 
external content aggregation.

My experience in Jetspeed is that external URLs fail quite a bit, so it 
is better to have them cached with a minimum expiration time. With the 
current cocoon caching architecture, this should be simple. Also, with 
multithreading issues, a site with 100 users aggregating Slashdot xml 
would hit them quite hard in parallel... Jetspeed has been a DoS tool 
until we cleaned the cache code a bit.

BTW, I would also try to access every resource as URL (a recent bug on 
file:/ urls shows the kind of problems incurred when we encode 
assumptions on url format). Also, if the war is not expanded or the 
protocol is "classloader:" or "jndi:", this will prepare cocoon for the 

I could take a look into this if nobody does, but not before a couple of 
weeks. I'm overwhelmed currently :)

> adding a timeout parameter for content retrieved from an external source?
> e.g.
>    <map:match pattern="feeds/slashdot">
>     <map:generate src="" timeout="5"/>
>     <map:serialize/>
>    </map:match>
> giving slashdot 5 precious seconds to respond before simply ignoring the
> feed.
> - donald
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