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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [C2] <parameter> or <map:parameter> ?
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 15:58:40 GMT

Berin Loritsch a écrit :
> Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> >
> > Also, having parameters in the sitemap namespace will ease their
> > distinction from configurations if parameters are mixed with
> > configurations (AFAIK it's not possible for now, but maybe it could
> > arise in future evolutions).
> Configuration elements comprise EVERYTHING that is a sub of the
> sitemap component declaration:
> <map:generator name="foo" class="foo.Generator">
>   <parameter name="foo-param" value="bar-value"/>
>   <pool-controller min="1" max="10000"/>
>   <email>
>     <server>localhost</server>
>     <address></address>
>   </email>
> </map:generator>
> In the above situation, every child is part of the configuration
> for the "foo" generator--including the <parameter/> element.  These
> must not be made to be in the "map:" namespace.  It would preclude
> the ability to convert the Configuration into Parameters in a simple
> and sane manner.  This approach is used for some of the Components
> already, and I would be -3 on seeing that go.

Totally agree : in this case, <parameter> is really a configuration
element. I'm considering only <parameter> elements in the pipelines, and
that's why I'm suggesting to put them in the sitemap namespace, in order
to avoid potential confusion as in the example above.

> Regarding the parameters that are in the <map:pipeline/>, <map:view/>,
> or <map:resource/> areas, am -0.  I prefer to see consistency.  Parameters
> are configuration inforamation--even if they are runtime configuraiton
> information.  They are configuration none-the-less.

Disagree : the Configuration can be thought of as constructor parameters
(once in the component's life) while sitemap Parameters are like method
invocation parameters (see answer to Giacomo in next post...).


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