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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Re: [c2] more caching data
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 21:37:39 GMT
Donald Ball wrote:

> fwiw, i just put some debugging logging in TraxTransformer.getValidity -
> and learned that that method is never called. yes, i'm using the Caching
> components. carsten, can you perhaps enumerate the components that are
> involved in caching stylesheets? i'm a little confused as to the design of
> the cache system.

Not directly related, but I kept thinking on the discussion on adding 
more information to the TraxTransformer, and how it would impact caching.

Thinking about that, I understood Giacomo's point: the cache system 
needs information on dependencies "a priori", so the solution of adding 
a DOM was not suitable. This is because the validity objects are 
generated after each request, and the cache needs to know if the 
"fingerprint" of the validity is allright BEFORE asking for a second 

So, I had an idea: why not create a "RefinableParametersCacheValidity" 
class. This class would initialize exactly the same as 
ParametersCacheValidity, but would have an additional method, 
refine(Map), which would update the parameters upon which it depends, "a 
posteriori", with only those parameters effectively used in the request 
processing. Also, the equals() method would check only those parameters 
present in the map, ignoring the rest.

This would enable the DOM idea, as the TraxTransformer would initialize 
with a pessimistic estimation about validity, but it would be refined 
later, when the request was finished.

I have this half cooked, but I have not been able to test it due to 
overwhelming working load. Do you think it is interesting? I could send 
the files in the current state, to be finished by anybody interested.

> - donald
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