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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: can we move roles.xconf
Date Mon, 07 May 2001 12:34:10 GMT
giacomo wrote:
> I'd like to suggest to move the roles.xconf file out of the src tree
> somewhere near to the cocoon.xconf file (BTW I'd like to move
> cocoon.xconf and roles.xconf file into the WEB-INF directory).

You can move cocoon.xconf anywhere you want.  The major issue is that
the roles.xconf file should not be accessible outside the jar.  It does
not contain anything that the average user should alter.  It's existance
outside the Cocoon jar will generate alot of questions along the lines
of "what is this roles.xconf file", "what can I change in there", and
"I changed something and Cocoon doesn't work anymore".  It was separated
out, because the roles.xconf file is PURELY a developer's concern--so
it shouldn't be easily accessible.

> On the user list someone asked how to deploy own components without
> access to the roles.xconf file because it is packed up into the
> cocoon.jar.


<component role="com.mycom.myproj.myrole" class="com.mycom.myproj.myclass"/>

Or if they have something that they need to do selection with:

<component role="com.mycom.myproj.myroleSelector"

  <component-instance name="foo" class="com.mycom.myproj.myclass"/>
  <component-instance name="bar" class="com.mycom.myproj.myotherclass"/>

> The location of the roles.xconf file should be declared similar to the
> sitemap.xmap declaration in the cocoon.xconf file.

Not necessarily.

> Any volunteer for a simple patch :)

That patch will affect Avalon Excalibur--which is entering code freeze today.

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