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From Rob Moffat <>
Subject Bug in TraxTransformer resolve()??
Date Thu, 31 May 2001 17:27:03 GMT

I have been having some problems with the TraxTransformer resolving URL's in
XSL when using <xsl:import>.
I am using my own URLFactory class, so this is why this problem has shown

There are two problems (I think) in, 

line 264 should read lastIndexOf('/') rather than indexOf('/'), I think. 

and there is a call to new on line 252.  I think this
should be using the URL factory component to resolve its URL instead of
creating a new one.

Its home time, so I haven't had time to patch this myself today, but if I
come up with something that works okay, I'll post it.  Has anyone else had
problems with this???



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