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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Patch: AbstractValidatorAction
Date Mon, 28 May 2001 13:22:25 GMT

the attached patch adds the following to

    * equals-to supported by Long & Double
    * equals-to-param supported by Long & Double
    * min as minimum value supported by Long & Double
    * max as maximum value supported by Long & Double
    * min-len as minimum string length supported by String
    * max-len as maximum string length supported by String
    * matches-regex as POSIX regular expression to match against String

    * all apart equals-to(-param)? can be overridden by redefinition
      in a constraint-set. Rationale: For a database applikation it is
      sensible to define e.g. a maximum length for an attribute
      globally. This might be as well valid for a regular
      expression. On some occasions (e.g. a search form) one might
      like the user to be less constrained.

It would be nice if the attached patch could be applied. I hope I
didn't break too many coding conventions.

Since I believe in client-side checking to improve usability I'd like
to use the same descriptor.xml file to generate appropriate UI
elements (e.g. set the MAXLEN attribute for a text input field or
set a trigger to a javascript routine). I wounder what the best way
would be. Somehow call the AbstractValidatorAction from a TagLib
through an interface class?


C h r i s t i a n       H a u l
    fingerprint: 99B0 1D9D 7919 644A 4837  7D73 FEF9 6856 335A 9E08

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