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From Steffen Stundzig <>
Subject [C2][Bug] ContentAggregator
Date Fri, 18 May 2001 09:23:31 GMT

I've two pipelines with content aggregation:

  <map:match pattern="internal_error"> 
   <map:aggregate element="page" ns="http://de/page">
    <map:part src="_internal_error" element="content"/>
    <map:part src="_common_page" element="common" strip-root="true"/>

  <map:match pattern="_common_page">
    <map:aggregate element="common" ns="http://de/common">
     <map:part src="_common_header" element="header"/>
     <map:part src="_common_menu" element="menu"/>     
     <map:part src="_common_footer" element="footer"/>

To avoid nested 'common' elements as aggregation results, I use the 
strip-root attribute which removes one 'common' element.
The result of this transformation is:

<page xmlns="http://de/page">
 <content xmlns="http://de/page">
   <title>This is the internal error page!</title>
 <common xmlns="http://de/page">
  <header xmlns="http://de/common" xmlns="http://de/common">
    <title>This is the header page!</title>
  <menu xmlns="http://de/common">
    <title>This is the administrator menu page!</title>
  <footer xmlns="http://de/common">
    <title>This is the footer page!</title>

The problem is in element page/common/header. This element contains
the namespace declaration of the removed(stripped) 'common' element twice.
This is not valid XML. And only one declaration seems to be enough. :-)

Any ideas on howto fix it?


Steffen Stundzig                  
SMB GmbH                              

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