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From Christian Haul <>
Subject [C2] Actions, problem loading class
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 17:32:44 GMT

I've tried to write an action along the lines of the action
documentation. But it results in a java.lang.ClassNotFoundException :-( 

I've placed the .class in WEB-INF/classes, even restarted tomcat or
put the class in a .jar in WEB-INF/lib (TC 4.0b3 on i686-linux, java
1.3, current C2 CVS).

Using classes from WEB-INF/classes on XSP works fine (although someone
said on this list that they're compiled automatically, I found that
not to be true).



C h r i s t i a n       H a u l
    fingerprint: 99B0 1D9D 7919 644A 4837  7D73 FEF9 6856 335A 9E08

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