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From SÚrgio Carvalho <>
Subject [patch] esql null column handling
Date Sun, 13 May 2001 10:27:25 GMT

Here's a patch to allow null-value handling using the esql logicsheet. It introduces three
elements to the esql namespace:
 * <esql:when-null>
 * <esql:when-null-true>
 * <esql:when-null-false>
and is used like this:

  <esql:when-null column="foo">

It uses the wasNull resultset method, which requires getting the column first (this is handled
by the logicsheet). This additional get may cause trouble with some (very old) JDBC drivers,
which allow only sequential column gets. This element is unusable in those cases...

The patch was created with cvs -kk -u.




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