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From "Piroumian, Konstantin" <>
Subject Re: I18nTransformer (with param substitution)
Date Tue, 15 May 2001 12:26:45 GMT
> Konstantin,
> Checked in Can you please i18n_proposal.txt and
readme.txt as an XML file?
Ok. i18n_proposal.txt must be correct, but I am not sure that my english is
good enough to be used in docs. Anyway, I'll format them as XML and anybody
can check the grammar.

> Please take a look at xdocs directory. This will make it easy for people
to understand/use your
> I18nTransformer. FYI, You can test your XML->HTML by running "build docs".


> Here's the process for submission:
> 1. Get the latest from CVS.
> 2. Make your changes.
> 3. Run "CVS diff -u" from the xml-cocoon2 directory.
> 4. Zipup the text file generated in step #3 and any new files that you
have added.
> 5. Post it to cocoon-dev@ mailing list.

Thank you for instructions.
> Thanks,
> dims

Btw, wouldn't it be better to replace completely the old I18nTransformer
with this new one? All the functionality of the old transformer is possible
with the new one with some changes in syntax.

    Konstantin Piroumian.

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