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From "Bart Guijt" <>
Subject [C2] [patch] dist-tgz target in build.xml now handles files longer than 100 chars correctly
Date Fri, 01 Jun 2001 05:43:57 GMT
Hi all,

Yesterday I tried to build a source distro, which was not created
successfully due to the handling of long filenames - tar doesn't accept
files longer than 100 chars correctly. This patch simply adds the attribute
'longfile="gnu"' to the tar task.


- Bart Guijt

(PS: There is another 'bug' in the buildfile: Issueing the command 'build
src-tgz' twice gives an arror at the second invocation:
"D:\java\apache\xml\xml-cocoon2\build.xml:693: A tar file cannot include
itself" - so any existing tar file should be deleted first.)

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