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From "Scott N. Smith" <>
Subject RE: [C2] WebLogic 6.0sp1 installation problem
Date Wed, 30 May 2001 17:45:35 GMT

>> Thanks for the simpler approach.  I did the BEA Weblogic 6.0 chapter that
>> now in the install instructions; I'll be glad to add yours in front of

> Before we do that...We need to get the samples working.
> As my time is running out (Need to get
> back to job-related work) can you please take a look?

Exactly why I waited; many of the samples were (are?) broken.  Although I
haven't tried C2 on multiple platforms, I suspect that the breakages are
app-server-independent.  If you believe that the samples errors are Weblogic
6.0-specific, please let me know and I'll help test.

Unfortunately, I am a real C2-newbie, and I'm not that familiar with the
site-map syntax yet.  Which is why I'm inclined to wait until beta before
updating the install instructions.

Thanks for your contributions on this.


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