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From "Piroumian, Konstantin" <>
Subject Re: Issues left for going beta
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 07:23:38 GMT
> Dear Developers


> Ah, the new (the old has this as well IIRC) I18nTransformer uses a
> named src to specify the dictionary to use. I think it should be
consistent with
> all sitemap components that such values are best specified in the src
> of the transform element:
>    <map:transform type="i18n" src="dictionary.xml"/>

Yes, it would be better, but I was thinking of a possibility of specifying
multiple dictionaires for the transformer, something like this:

<map:transform type="i18n">
    <dictionary src="dict_en.xml" lang="en"/>
    <dictionary src="dict_de.xml" lang="de"/>

Currently, translations for all languages are listed in one dictionary file
and it is not convenient to work with: somebody has to gather all languages
into one dictionary file. If multiple dictionaries are used then you can
combine these possibilitites: you can have separate dictionary files for
every language and translators can easily edit them independently and you
can replace translations for one language independently.

I don't know how can I specify multiple dictionary sources with optional
additional attribute - lang.

Another, not yet implemented possibility is to allow dictionary inclusions
(like in XSLT):


<include src="dict_ru.xml" lang="ru" />
<import src="dict_common.xml" />

> And also do we realy need two of them? Are they in such a way different
> each other to legitimate this?

Yesterday I posted documentation for the new I18nTransformer and there is a
part about migration from the old one. If nobody is interested in the old
transformer then it can be replaced.

It seems that very few people use i18n...


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