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From "gerhard" <>
Subject Re:[c2] NotSerializableException in MemoryStore
Date Fri, 11 May 2001 20:33:13 GMT
> Serialization is the easy way from the implementors point of view, but
> will require careful inspection of serialized objects to make some
> attributes transient in order to reduce the dependency graph, and
> rebuild their value at deserialization time. The problem is that this
> isn't possible for CacheValidity objects, which can be application
> specific...
> An other alternative would consider that Cocoon cached objects are
> composed of cache validity objects and a byte array. The byte array
> being the biggest, we could swap only this one to disk and keep validity
> objects in memory. We could define a kind of Swappable interface and
> call swapIn()/swapOut() to read/write the byte array from/to disk.
I think my problem is, that I still not yet completly understood how the
caching implementation in Cocoon2 works. Maybe somebody could
explain me shortly how it is excuting. This would help me to understand
the suggestion previously mentioned. If there is any documentation
just give me hint where I could find it

Thanx a lot!


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