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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: xml-cocoon/webapp/docs/samples/xsp cookie.xsp
Date Mon, 30 Apr 2001 08:05:27 GMT
At 6:44 PM +0200 29/4/01, giacomo wrote:
>On Sun, 29 Apr 2001, Jeremy Quinn wrote:
>> At 10:05 PM +0200 19/4/01, giacomo wrote:
>> >> So my position is:  XSP for sitemaps, serverpages, flowmaps, actions,
>> >> aspects.
>> >
>> >-1 XSP for sitemaps (XSP is not the right markup-language)
>> > 0 XSP for serverpages (already the case)
>> >-1 XSP for flowmaps (same as sitemap)
>> >-1 XSP for actions (an Action is not generatin any XML so XSP is of
>> >                    no use here)
>> Hmmm, don't completely agree here, I believe it would be very useful to be
>> able to use XSP TagLibs in Action generation.
>> For instance, in the Crudlet TagLib, there are tags that retrieve data and
>> update a Bean, tags that set things up, trigger Events, and Tags that
>> output XML.
>Well, you are talking about taglibs. We are talking about XSP and that
>means the element available under the XSP namespace.

My apologies for the confusion.

>I still don't thing
>that anything like <xsp:element> or <xsp:expr> or most of the other
>elements makes any sense in an Action, and thus XSP is of no use in

OK, I understand what you were saying now.

>It is the wrong markup. Of course you can tell us that the fp
>or esql logicsheet can be of some use in an Action but it's not the XSP
>markup you mean its the java code in there, right?


>> It would be extremely useful to be able to do any events, update and
>> setting up in Actions, controlled by the SiteMap, and then use Output tags
>> within the XSP Page.
>I'm not sure to understand you. I already can and do let the sitemap
>controll the events and let it dispatch them among Actions. I already
>use Actions to update my model and I use Action to update/create my
>business objects which gets output later on in the piipeline with
>the help of XSP pages. So what do you want more?

I think we just have some confusion between what we are calling events, you
mean those sent by the SiteMap to Actions, I was referring to Events that
the Crudlet TagLib sends to Beans.

Thanks Giacomo

regards Jeremy

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