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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: xml-cocoon/webapp/docs/samples/xsp cookie.xsp
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 13:48:52 GMT

>--- Jeremy Quinn <> wrote:

>> This is why I suggested earlier that some way be found to compile Actions
>> from XML like happens with XSP and generators, so that non-java programmers
>> can once again leverage the power of TagLibs that they loose by moving to
>> C2.

At 5:32 AM -0700 19/4/01, Davanum Srinivas wrote:
>Can you take a stab at a sample action specified in XML to illustrate your
>point of view?


OK, I'll have a go.

What I have in my head was the statement from Ricardo Rocha that one day
XSP would be able to generate _any_ type of class.

I have no idea what the XSP syntax would be, so please take this with a
grain of salt. Also please keep in mind that I understand very little of
C2, and this sample is drawn from my C1 experience (and consequentially
uses C1 namespaces).

What I am trying to show here is what an Action generated from XSP that
modifies a file using the FP Taglib might look like as XML, so this is an
Action not a Generator.



		<!-- set up the TagLib using values from the Map(?) -->

		<fp:resource id="external-item">

		<!-- Send success/failure response from TagLib out via the Map Object -->
		<!-- There are obviously a bunch of different ways this could be done -->

		<map:write-param name="set-title-status">

			<!-- perform something using a TagLib with data from the Map -->

			<fp:write to="external-item" select="title">
				<map:get-request-parameter name="title"/>



This is obviously completely hypothetical!!!

I hopes this illustrates the idea better Dims.

regards Jeremy

   Jeremy Quinn                                           Karma Divers
                                                       webSpace Design
                                            HyperMedia Research Centre

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