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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: AW: [C2] Switch on Cache by default (in cocoon.xconf)
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 20:11:08 GMT

On Wed, 18 Apr 2001, [iso-8859-1] Gerhard Fröhlich wrote:

> Hi,
> > Well, it's a component. We can later on write a more sophisticated Store
> to use.
> > There has been a contribution from a Austrian guy (Froehlich ?) for a
> MRUStore
> > recently. Maybe this component can be configured to limit the storage
> used. Has
> > anybody had a look at it (sorry to that guy if we have not take it so far
> into
> > consideration, but you've seen we are working very hard on different
> frontiers
> > :)
> I'm still there and watching cocoon growing :-). You dont' t have to
> apologize . It's always hard to get involved in so large projects and I have
> to do a lot of work at business, too.
> Yes my component is configurable. Currently in two ways:
> * The cached objects have a configurable "lifecycle". If the "lifecycle" of
> a  object is over, it "dies".
> * Also could the number of objects in the cache be limited. If the Limit is
> reached the last object in the cache will be removed.
> * there are also lot other possibilities, like combination of some caching
> rules (like LFU / MRU) and so on.
> My solution is a combination between a LinkedList and a HashMap. Both are
> JDK1.2 > components.
> > A possible final solution could be a Store that keeps frequently used
> cache
> > object in memory an swaps out others to the file system.
> Sounds good. Mhhhh... maybe a solution like Squid or something else. I will
> keep an eye on this proposal.

Would be cool. Can I assign your name with this issue into the todo list
:) ?

> In the mean time, I try to get an overview over cocoon and cocoon2 :-) and I
> hope I can support in the nearer future...

Good luck.

> So long
> Gerhard
> PS: my name is Gerhard Froehlich and I'm a German guy, living and working in
> vienna :-)

I wasn't too wrong by name and country :)


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