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From Donald Ball <>
Subject [c2] problem with site aggregation
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 02:48:56 GMT
hey guys. i'm trying to build an aggregating sitemap. here's a sample:

   <map:match pattern="aggregate/*">
    <map:aggregate element="root"
     <map:part src="meta.xsp" element="meta"
     <map:part src="{1}" element="page"

unfortunately, the src attribute in the second part resolves to the
following url:


that is to say, the sitemap is trying to resolve {1} in the sitemap, not
the matched wildcard from the match pattenr.

also, i think we should either:

1. add an attribute to map:part indicating that the sitemap should strip
the root element from the included sax stream

2. eliminate the requirement that map:part must specify an element to put
the included content under - just take the included document and mount it
directly underneath the root element.

- donald

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