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From Donald Ball <>
Subject logging in c2
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2001 15:24:42 GMT
(from a seperate thread - my start, giacomo's response)

> > we're using avalon's log package, not log4j, right? if not, any
> > particular
> > reason they're not one and the same?
> Different reasons. Search the Avalon archives :)
> Main reason IMO is that logkit is terribly fast. I've tested C2 with
> all we have and once without *any* log statement (physically). The net
> result was that without logging C2 is less that 10ms faster per
> request. And as you've said there is a huge amount of debug logging we
> are doing in the code. Peter Donald (author of LogKit) stated that
> these few ms is the result of writing to a file and if you wrap the
> FileOutputLogTarget with a AsyncLogTarget you get rid of that, too.

i'd be very surprised if log4j didn't run just as fast as logkit. not that
i have a vested interest one way or the other, but log4j does have some
compelling arguments behind it:

* (potential of?) broad acceptance among apache projects

* multiple output targets (key for production servers)

* hierarchical categories (sitemap, xsp, parser) as well as error severity
reporting (debug, info, etc.) (key for debugging)

* broader development community behind it

does anyone else think this decision should perhaps be reconsidered?

- donald

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