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From Donald Ball <>
Subject [c2] question on configuring logicsheets in cocoon.xconf
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2001 06:37:05 GMT
heya. i'm working on my first real c2 site. i have a site-specific
logicsheet which i wish to use. i presume i need to declare it in
cocoon.xconf (is there an alternative?) i have this section:

          <parameter name="prefix" value="wzi"/>
          <parameter name="uri" value=""/>
          <parameter name="href" value="file:///path/to/shared.xsp"/>

obviously, i don't want to use an absolute file: url, but without a
protocol prefix, cocoon throws an exception trying to parse the url, so i
can't just do "shared.xsp" and have done with it. i would presume that
relative urls would be taken to be from the root of the webapp. is this
behavior a bug or a feature?

as i side note, may i say that debugging xsp pages in c2 is painful, very
painful - maybe because when an error occurs compiling an xsp page, it
ends up resulting in like 10 exceptions, each of which dump their
stacktrace to the log file - so to find the root exception's message (and
stacktrace), you gotta page back hundreds of lines. the c2 error messages
aren't terribly helpful either (not that c1 is any better in that regard)
- the "sitemap handler's handler is not available" is particularly silly.

we're using avalon's log package, not log4j, right? if not, any particular
reason they're not one and the same?

- donald

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