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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject [C2]: Countdown for going beta
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 13:45:52 GMT

now that the two main parts (Caching and ContentAggregation) are implemented
we should have a look at what has to be done for the beta:

Here are the points from out todo-list:

 <action context="code" assigned-to="open">
   Remove dependencies to the javax.servlet classes.
   There are some classes (ResourceReader, Notifier, ContextURLFactory) which use
   directly the javax.servlet classes. These have to be removed.
    I would suggest to clean up the ResourceReader. As the responses of the Readers are
    now cached by the StreamPipeline, the setting of the SC_NOT_MODIFIED status is 
    unnecessary as it is never called now. This would remove the dependecy to the
    javax.servlet classes in this case.  

  <action context="code" assigned-to="open">
   Reloading of jar-files.
   The class-path for the Cocoon-Servlet is only build once when the servlet
   is initialised. If you want to deploy other jar files you have to restart
   the servlet. A reloading of the Cocoon is not sufficient. This is not
   very convenient. Suggestion: When Cocoon is reloaded (a new cocoon instance
   is created then) the classpath is rebuild and used.

  <action context="code" assigned-to="DM">
   Make the evaluation/application of logicsheets in the XSP system reliable
   and usable without hassle to the logicsheet programmer

  <action context="code" assigned-to="open">
   Complete (means put everything we know of into even if it has to be commented)
   the cocoon.xconf file and put descriptions into it

  <action context="code" assigned-to="open">
   Complete (means put everything we know of into even if it has to be commented)
   the web.xml file and put descriptions into it (similar to the
   httpd.conf file of the web server or the server.xml of Catalina)

  <action context="code" assigned-to="PR">
   Implement transparent content aggregation at the pipeline level.

What else has to be done for the beta?

a) We have the ongoing discussion which was started by discussion the sendRedirect()
method. I personally like the approach of compiled Actions (from XSP or whatever)
very much, but as the 1st of may is approaching very fast, we should leave that
for the next version of c2 - which we could make very fast after the 2.0 version.

b) The status of Avalon - we agreed that we only should go beta with a beta
   version of Avalon. What's the status there?

Are there more open tasks we should include in the first beta?

>From the list above there are not really big issues open, so I think we could
have a beta at the 1st of may.

What are your comments, suggestions, wishes?

regards Carsten

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