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From "Colin Britton" <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: xml-cocoon/webapp/docs/samples/xsp cookie.xsp
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 15:58:08 GMT
> I have just written and dims commited to the repository 
> several actions that
> do exactly this, look at example aplication that comes with them, it's
> accessible via http://localhost:8080/cocoon/protected/login
This is a good example of the autentication piece thxs. 
> > We need to make this VERY clear. For a user writing
> > <xsp-response:send-redirect location=""/> is simple,
> > taking something that simple away and not having an 
> equivelent method is
> > a problem in my book.
> agreed, we have <map:redirect-to uri=""/>

Maybe I have not made myself clear enough, I understand the sitemap
redirects and I understand that Actions can do all things for all men
(however it still is writing java), *but* ... how do you pass back from
an XSP parameters to the sitemap ?

> > 
> > I hope this thread is helping people think about the users, not
> > developers, because at the end of the day we want more users than
> > developers using this solution.
> > 
> again agreed, :), but once again it is important to 
> understand that c2 is
> ANOTHER BEAST as said before and it's doing quite a lot of 
> things different
> way (much better than c1 IMO), people should be prepared for 
> something like a
> windows->unix shift (another philosophy)...

I know I am going on and on about this and I am completley into C2 and
all it's glory, but converting peoples religions is hard.


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