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From "Paul Lamb" <>
Subject [C2] HTML Serializer
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2001 16:46:34 GMT
I've been porting a C1 project over to C2 and have started cleaning up
the loose ends, but I seem to be having problems getting the HTML
serializer to produce the same output that C1 did.

I'm using the latest C2 from CVS and I've added the following serializer
in the sitemap and set it
to be the serializer used.

<map:serializer name="html-strict"   mime-type="text/html"
  <doctype-public>-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0//EN</doctype-public>

Problem 1: The <DTD...> doesn't always show up in the resulting html
file. It will usually be there on the first access, but after a refresh
it's gone.

Problem 2: The resulting HTML is formatted horribly, compared to the
same output w/ C1. I'm using the same xsp and xsl files for both C1 &
C2. With C2 I seem to have lots of extra whitespace--tabs, spaces and
new lines.

The main problem with the formatting is that I have a <br> that should
come immediately after an <image...> tag. But with C2 I'm getting

Outside these two problem, I'm amazed at how well C2 works. I can't
believe the speed that I'm seeing, even without it having a cache.

Paul Lamb

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