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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: [C1] Issues with "Monitor" class
Date Sun, 08 Apr 2001 15:42:37 GMT
Claude Warren <> wrote:
>I recently developed an aggregating producer (that works with XSP) (see
>cocoon-user).  The concept behind it is that there are sites that take
>XML documents, combine them with standard infrastructure elements, and
>then process them for the proper output device (HTML, WAP, etc.).  The
>aggregating producer performs like a "make for xml" aggregating the
>"static" documents into one document that can be cached.  The resulting
>document is stored both in the cache and on disk.  The problem I
>encountered is that the Monitor class is not serializable.  Does anyone
>know why this is the case?

Probably just an oversight.

>It seems to me that if the "Page" class and all the classes that it
>holds on to were serializable the "Cache" class could be implemented in
>a database.  I was thinking that "near" cache would be the standard
>"Cache" and a  long term cache in a DB.
>The Monitor class also only provides for watching URL and File objects.
>It seems to me that either an abstract Monitor class or a Monitor
>interface should be defined so that other objects could be watched.

Maybe, but the current design of the Monitor is broken. It grows without 
bounds in XSLTProcessor. (There seems to be a widespread but untrue belief 
that Java frees programmers from thinking about memory management issues - 
it doesn't, you still have to build data structures that don't grow without 

>example, the REMOTE_USER id might be used to ensure that only the owning
>user can see documents indended for that user, or that the change could
>be to an item in a database.

There have been lengthy discussions on caching in C2 in cocoon-dev. However 
I haven't been following them closely.

>To solve these problems I ended up implementing my own "Watcher" class
>as well as a "Transformer" class.
>Are any of these issues addressed in C2?

Not yet, because there is no caching in C2 yet, but it is currently being 
worked on.

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