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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Low-level soft object store for caching
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2001 14:11:25 GMT
Attached is an incomplete, not working, in-progress, not guaranteed, etc. 
etc. attempt at a low-level store which uses SoftReferences to reduce the 
possibility of OutOfMemoryErrors (made for cocoon 1), which I haven't had 
time to work on for months, but which the caching guys _might_ find useful. 
Take it or leave it. I'd advise the latter - it's probably too complicated 
for a first pass and full of mistaken assumptions! (There are some 
unused/unmaintained classes in there, due to mistakes made earlier on.) But 
I'm posting it just in case there's anything useful in there.

Note that many JDKs implement SoftReferences vary badly, hence the hacky JDK 
version checks in the collections package. That might be a reason to avoid 
soft references for the store for now.

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