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From Jason Foster <>
Subject ScriptAction
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2001 00:47:01 GMT
I've put together (and attached) a preliminary ScriptGenerator which I would
like to contribute to the project.

As it stands the ScriptGenerator can be used as follows:

<map:action name="script" src="org.apache.cocoon.acting.ScriptAction"/>
<map:act type="script">
  <parameter name="script-name" value="docs/samples/scripts/action.js"/>

I've attached a simple action script that demonstrates how to indicate
whether or not the action should return null.

A while back the question was asked regarding the utility of a
ScriptGenerator.  My answers are (a) because not everyone like Java and (b)
to add a dash of RAD to Cocoon.

As a separate point, can any of the core developers describe their
development environment and processes?  I am getting really tired of the...

  - shut down Tomcat
  - rebuild the WebApp
  - start Tomcat
  - wait for Tomcat to recreate the Cocoon structure
  - wait for the sitemap to regenerate
  - test my code

... development cycle.  I'm completely sure that not all of these steps are
needed, but I'm not sure which ones can be safely removed.


Jason Foster

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