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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject RE: [C2]: Request/Response cleanup?
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 15:10:49 GMT
Quoting Per Kreipke <>:

> Giacomo wrote:
> > There are other nice things _not_ in C2 because of some good reason.
> > Why is redirection nice? What's the use case for rediretion inside
> > components (includes XSP pages) ?
> Maybe I should be doing things differently, but here a couple of cases I
> use
> redirects for:
> - login: if the user accesses a restricted page before logging in, they
> get
> redirected to a login page. And of course back to the referrer when they
> have successfully logged in.

Well, I've always tried to convince people to use the servlet engine for 
authentication. but as you see below these things can be done with Actions.

> - private pages: if the users tries to access a 'private' (logged in,
> but no
> permissions to the page) page, they get redirected out of the hierarchy
> to
> prevent fishing around for content.

same here.

> - form handling: we try to use a MVC paradigm in our cocoon webapps.
> This
> implicitly uses redirects: the form posts to the controller which
> handles
> the post and redirects to the results or errors.

We've done that in an e-shop by use of custom Actions which controlls the flow 
of the webapp by placeing the "next screen" in the returned Map of the Action 
and refer to that entry in the sitemaps <map:generate> element.

> - validation: I use XSP in the controller to validate passwords and form
> fields. Depending on their success, I redirect to different places.

Same as above here for validation.

It seems to me you followed truly Cocoon 1 pattern to solve your problems 
(mostly because there were no other ways to solve them) and this is IMHO not the 
way to go in Cocoon 2.


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