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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject Re: [C2]: Request/Response cleanup?
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2001 11:59:05 GMT
Quoting Jeremy Quinn <>:

> At 11:23 PM +0200 9/4/01, giacomo wrote:
> >I haven't got into it but I think if you were restrictive in
> >implementing methods used to compile C2, we will probabbly hear what is
> >missing sooner or later this month like the sendRedirect. I don't see
> >any real reason at the moment to have sendRedirect in C2. But maybe
> >someone can explain a situation where you need a programatic redirect.
> >
> >Giacomo
> Porting existing Cocoon 1 Tag Libraries to Cocoon 2.
> I feel that the WebApp capabilities of Cocoon 2 are going to be amazing,
> but will take some while for all the pieces to fall into place, for good
> working patterns to disseminate, for people to un-learn Cocoon 1
> patterns.
> In the meantime, pragmatically, it would be a nuisance if TagLibs were
> not
> able to trigger redirects.
> Why place extra barriers, especially at this stage, to people wanting to
> port to Cocoon 2?

i can understand your point and I hope you understand mine :)

If we came to the conclusion that the redirect pattern in a Component should be 
avoided but we leave it in the implementation than people will use it and wont 
follow the right path to make it.


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