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From Giacomo Pati <>
Subject A plan for going beta with C2
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2001 09:51:08 GMT
Hi all

Here is a plan for going beta with C2

The disccussion so far has discovered that we want to go beta around 1st of May 
  * we can implement content aggregation at the generator stage.
  * we can implement at least a rudimentary caching (e.g. at the generator 
      stage only).
  * the avalon api goes beta as well (Peter can you update us
      about the plans for Avalon?)

For content aggregation we need:
  - refactoring the ResourcePipeline class into a pure xml part (XMLPipeline) 
    and a part that is able to serialize this xml part (BTW: IIRC this was
    proposed by Ricardo a few weeks ago, to tell the truth :).
    (I'm already doing this).
  - enable a separate control path to get at those XMLPipeline evaluated
    by the sitemap engine to allow an AggregatingGenerator to collect those
    XMLPipelines for aggregation.
    (will do this as well because it is closely related to the factoring 
  - write a AggregatingGenerator which, according to some kind of 
    "configuration", is able to collect XMLPipelines and assemble a final
    stream of SAX events. 
    QUESTION: Does it make sense to restrict the access to the separate 
    control path mentioned above to this generator only? I know it can't 
    be restricted technically but I think it should not be proposed to use 
    the separate control path by any custom written component. But it can be
    enforced by introducing interfaces (IoC) for that purpose.

For caching we need:
  - components to measure the "cache efficency" for individual sitemap 
    components as well as for XMLPipeline as a hole. 
  - a component to "tee" SAX events into a SAX Store.
  - a component to replay SAX events from a SAX Store.
  - define how a component reports cachability (e.g. the Cachable interface).
  - define how cache keys should be generated (there were two proposals IIRC).

I've found some components introduced by Paul Russel (SAXConnectors) which are 
already put between individual sitemap components (Generator, Transformer, ...) 
in the resource production pipeline today (ResourcePipeline). Paul can you 
enlight us what you had in mind with those connectors? I've guessed they were 
for caching but I could be wrong.

Other topics:

Cleanup the docs. I'd like to put the C2 site docs into the xml-site as an 
subdir of the cocoon directory (xml-site/targets/cocoon/cocoon2). For this I 
need to change the xdocs/site-docs.xml in the C1 repository to have a link into 
this subdir. Robin, is this ok for you? Do you have any conventions we still 
need to do concerning to update the Cocoon site?

What else have I missed?


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