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From Igor Romanov <>
Subject Re[2]: [C2] How to create a disk path from the URL ?
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2001 07:57:35 GMT
Hello Giacomo,

GP> In the setup method you usually do a:

GP>     InputSource src = resolver.resolveEntity(null, src);
GP>     String      systemID = src.getSystemId();

GP> You get the external form of an URL of the src attribute in variable
GP> systemID.

thanks. doesn't work (as I was expecting 8))
Say i have <img src="/images/1.gif"/> - then I want to have
"d:/hosting/mysite/images/1.gif" to be able to open image and
determine it's size, but I got only "file:/images/1.gif" after
that manipulations 8( Where's the context stored? How to get this
"D:/bla-bla-bla" prefix while inside the transformer?

GP> Giacomo

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