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From Alexander Weinmann <>
Subject Cocoon at work
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 18:22:44 GMT
Hello Cocooners,

I am a lurker to this list since more than a year, and almost every
week I install the newest C2 from CVS on my machine.  I do 
like your work very much: it fits so well in what I  need
in my daily programming business. It fits well into
what VERY MANY PEOPLE need!! Since a long time I would
like to contribute and help "release" C2 sooner. 

Unfortunately, my job as a programmer will never give
me enough  time to get into coding Cocoon. I think this
is the same for many other enthusiastic guys out there.

Consider the wide-spread use of JSP out there, and you sure
cannot under-estimate how many companies could profit from a
ready to run C2 - which offers so much more than plain JSP!

Now my question is: Where are the "cocoon-friendly" companies
and institutions?  

In my eyes C2 is a  "killer application" (also for E-Business ...),
and the only reason why it is not yet finished, is because
thousands of willing programmers have to earn their daily living 
by contributing to thousands of proprietary frameworks based on proprietary
like JSP,asp and all the rest. (Me for example!)

I do think their could be dozens of new (good) C2  contributors
(not only for coding, but for docs,design everything), if there
were some sort of "economical support" to this project ( - and other

Please forgive me, if you consider this off topic! I 
do not want you to discuss soemthing that you do not want to discuss!

I know that this question is "political" or even "philosophical", 
and it is relevant to  open source in general. But I also think
it is PARTICULARLY relevant  to Cocoon:
Cocoon COULD have an enourmeous "economical value", if it 
became as popular and wide-spread as it is worthwhile, and 
EVERYBODY could profit even more of it.

Alexander Weinmann
Development Engineer Training

[Address] Forststrasse 7, 
70174 Stuttgart, 
[Phone] +49-(711)-61-41-6 - 1541
[Fax] +49-(711)-61-41-6 - 1111
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