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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject ContentAggregation HOWTO?
Date Thu, 19 Apr 2001 16:04:29 GMT
I see we have the first iteration of content aggregation in
Cocoon CVS, this is excellent.  Since there are no docs, and
I can't remember far back enough as to what the final verdict
was, I am guessing as to how it is used, and need feedback
to see if I got it.

In the sitemap, we have a pipeline model set up like this:

<map:match pattern="news/aggregate.xml">
  <map:aggregate element="page" ns="">
    <map:part src="slashdot/slashdot.xml" element="slashdot" ns=""/>
    <map:part src="moreover/moreover.xml" element="moreover" ns=""/>
    <map:part src="isyndicate/isyndicate.xml" element="isyndicate" ns=""/>
  <map:transform src="stylesheets/news/news.xsl"/>

By looking at this, it looks like the aggregator generates XML
something along these lines:

<page xmlns="">
  <slashdot xmlns="">
    <!-- results of asking sitemap for "slashdot/slashdot.xml" -->
  <moreover xmlns="">
    <!-- results of asking sitemap for "moreover/moreover.xml" -->
  <isyndicate xmlns="">
    <!-- results of asking sitemap for "isyndicate/isyndicate.xml" -->

And the result is transformed by "stylesheets/news/news.xsl"
and we serialize the results as HTML.

I have three questions (beyond am I right?):

1) Can we have resources that the end user cannot navigate to,
   but we can use for aggregation?  IOW can we dynamically create a
   menu that is only accessible by the aggregator?
2) Does the Aggregator strip the root element from the included
   event pipeline and replace it with the one specified in the
3) Is it possible to do more structured aggregation?

Number three is necessary for XForms processing.  If I want to
embed the XForm instance data (so I can process the results in XSLT)
according to the spec, then I need to have a construct like this:

<xform xmlns="" id="advertisement">
  <submitInfo target="update-ad"/>
    <!-- XForms schema for instance -->
  <instance model="advertisement" xmlns="">
    <ad id="12" disposition="draft">
        This is a sample ad.

Later in the form, I will refer to this.

Are there any plans to support the more complex aggregations
where a template is required?

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