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From Bala Sambandam <>
Subject mail/sendmail processors code submission
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 22:53:49 GMT

I've written a web frontend for IMAP/Sendmail using the mail.xsl and 
sendmail.xsl processors, and I'm including the modifications that I had 
to make to these processors to get as far as I've gotten with the 

mail.xsl.diff is diff -w -u against version 1.6
sendmail.xsl.diff is diff -w -u against version 1.9

If any additional info is needed for either file, then let me know by 
sending mail to me directly, as I will likely unsub from the list.

The modifications that I made to mail.xsl require HTML Tidy for the 
interpretation of badly formed HTML messages as XML fragments; 
otherwise, badly formed HTML messages are interpretted as plain text.  
Well formed HTML messages are interpreted as XML fragments without the 
need of HTML Tidy.


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