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From Santiago Gala <>
Subject Re: Cocoon at work
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 19:43:22 GMT
Alexander Weinmann wrote:

> In my eyes C2 is a  "killer application" (also for E-Business ...),
> and the only reason why it is not yet finished, is because
> thousands of willing programmers have to earn their daily living 
> by contributing to thousands of proprietary frameworks based on proprietary
> architectures
> like JSP,asp and all the rest. (Me for example!)
> I do think their could be dozens of new (good) C2  contributors
> (not only for coding, but for docs,design everything), if there
> were some sort of "economical support" to this project ( - and other
> projects)

I found particularly intriguing this news item:

specifically this comment:

"A new object, MXHTMLWriter, allows you to output HTML using a stream of 
SAX events, much in the same way that the xsl:output  element in XSLT 
can generate HTML from a result tree. The new MXHTMLWriter object 
provides necessary support for high-performing Active Server Pages 
(ASP), which read XML documents with a SAX reader, put those documents 
through custom SAX filters, and output the data to the user as an HTML 

It points to Microsoft pushing a serving technology essentially 
identical to what C2 is delivering today (at least that is what the 
marketing-speak seems to imply).

Obviously, it is a much simpler approach (a chain of filegenerator, one 
or more stylesheets, and the final serializer).

> Please forgive me, if you consider this off topic! I 
> do not want you to discuss soemthing that you do not want to discuss!


> I know that this question is "political" or even "philosophical", 
> and it is relevant to  open source in general. But I also think
> it is PARTICULARLY relevant  to Cocoon:
> Cocoon COULD have an enourmeous "economical value", if it 
> became as popular and wide-spread as it is worthwhile, and 
> EVERYBODY could profit even more of it.

It will have

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