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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: [c2] simple sitemap question
Date Mon, 16 Apr 2001 20:43:35 GMT
Donald Ball wrote:
> well, from where i'm sitting, it looks like Actions are going to be the
> new agents of the supposedly dreaded (too much) Flexibility Syndrome...

:)  Their idea is simple, flexible, and workable.  I think FS comes into
play when you want everything and the kitchen sink in one component.

> thankfully, i can do what i wanted to with the ResourceExistsAction which
> i just checked in. i stole the URLFactory code from the confusingly-named
> AbstractComplimentaryConfigurableAction but i seem to recall some
> discussion debating which class we should use to resolve urls - is this
> the right one or not? also, when the URLFactory is asked to resolve a URL
> which does not exist, in addition to throwing a RuntimeException, it logs
> an ERROR to the cocoon log - perhaps that should be downgraded to an INFO
> or a WARN?

The AbstractComplimentaryConfigurableAction (though the name is confusing)
is used when you have a Configuration file that you want to load separately
from the Sitemap.  The Sitemap configuration is not flexible enough for
some Actions that need structured configurations like the {xxx}DatabaseActions
and the convenience of the Parameters.  Since Cocoon doesn't pass Configuration
objects, but Parameter objects to Actions, I created this thing to handle
mapping requests from the database to form parameters.

In the process, I envisioned a validation layer that would use the same
configuration file and make sure the parameters were within constraints.
I also had some other purposes in mind.

The end result is that we have a framework Action that can load an XML file
and treat it as a Configuration.

As to the class used to resolve URIs, I am not sure.  The Log message could be
downgraded--it depends on context whether it is truly an error or not.  Please
note that INFO won't allow you to attach exceptions to the message, so it
would be either WARN or DEBUG.

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