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From Jeff Turner <>
Subject [C2][PATCH] using <uptodate> in build.xml
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2001 15:34:27 GMT

Attached is a C2 equivalent of my earlier C1 build.xml patch, for
shortcutting the "javadocs", "docs", "printer-docs" and "site" tasks if
no modifications to the source have been made.

Briefly recapping the previous post:
 - The patch takes into account preparatory copying of todo.xml,
   changes.xml and xdocs/*.xml.
 - If a doc rebuild is deemed unnecessary, a message saying so is


 - Changes to the stylesheets are *not* taken into account. I'm not sure
   if this is an issue, but I can fix it easily enough if necessary.
This patch is independent of my earlier bugfix patches.


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