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From Thomas Bayer <>
Subject Cocoon at work
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 19:59:59 GMT
Hello Alexander,

Please forgive me too, if I'am out of topic.

In my opinion there are a lot of companies out there who have heared
of cocoon. But they can't imagine what XML based Webdevelopment is and
how they can get benefit out of it. My consulting experience is that
after a short demonstration of cocoon and its concepts they want to
use it immediatly. A problem for many is the complexity of XSLT.
Some of them even want to migrate existing applications from JSP or 
ASP to XSP. A problem for the migration are the costs. For example a 
customer for which we develop a B2B software wants the benefits of
 cocoon for future pages but don't want to pay to much for the 
migration. Some parts of old pages are very slow with JSP and
 EntityBeans. A Cocoon page with esql is much faster. So we have  
integrated in one tomcat JSPs and XSPs. One problem was the session 
handling. We have found a solution to use the same session and can mix
JSP and XSP pages in one application. Some big JSP Pages fetch with a 
helperclass the output of small XSPs, so we can migrate smooth. If 
anybody is interested in our migration solution I can post how we 
have done it.

Orientation in Objects
Thomas Bayer

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