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From Ricardo Rocha <>
Subject Re: [c2] question on configuring logicsheets in cocoon.xconf
Date Wed, 11 Apr 2001 09:13:31 GMT

Donald Ball wrote:
> heya. i'm working on my first real c2 site. i have a site-specific
> logicsheet which i wish to use. i presume i need to declare it in
> cocoon.xconf (is there an alternative?) i have this section:
>         <builtin-logicsheet>
>           <parameter name="prefix" value="wzi"/>
>           <parameter name="uri" value=""/>
>           <parameter name="href" value="file:///path/to/shared.xsp"/>
>         </builtin-logicsheet>
> obviously, i don't want to use an absolute file: url, but without a
> protocol prefix, cocoon throws an exception trying to parse the url, so i
> can't just do "shared.xsp" and have done with it. i would presume that
> relative urls would be taken to be from the root of the webapp. is this
> behavior a bug or a feature?

Builtin logicsheets require a protocol prefix. The protocol factory that maps
to the webapp root is ContextURLFactory, prefix "context://". I suggest you
try "context://path/to/shared.xsp"

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