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From "Colin Britton" <>
Subject Re: [c2] stylesheet parameters redux, call for vote
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2001 02:15:04 GMT
>  i reckon, after careful consideration, that (3) is probably the best
> solution, but (2) still has a lot to recommend it. i think they have the
> practically the same effect on the cache engine since both can report with
> precision which request-time parameters are relevant to their
> cacheability. what do y'all think?
I don't have a vote but since I started this whole thread I guess my input
might count for something ;-)

I think (3) or (2) will get me where I want to go, *but* since I believe
they both have the same issues for the cache engine I prefer using (2)  the
params method of the stylesheet. With the support for default params in most
of the XSLT editors (Like eXcelon Stylus) this fits into a broader use
pattern in the XSL community, I have now also seen a number of other XSLT
examples use this method (not that this is ever a great reason to do

I think adding any metadata (request parameters/cookies/session info) into
the content stream confuses things - for the designers and scripters we want
to use and modify our apps with. First question is where do you embed it?
cannot be at the root? so as DB says you put it one element down - so then,
what about potential tag conflicts with content? so you say use a namespace,
well at this point I just think it gets worse, yeah all this stuff works but
it is confusing, I like $request/foo and using xpath, and the support my
wysiwyg tool gives me (and the designers etc)..... I however also agree with
the statement all along, parameters in transformations mess with caching,
agreed - that is part of the cost and one needs to be aware of it.


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