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From "Tagunov Anthony" <>
Subject Fwd: Service Changes
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2001 18:29:58 GMT
Hello, all!

Please do tell me if i shouldn't have forwarded this to the list..

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Hi Guys,

I have finished making my changes to the service code
to ensure that the services are initialized in the order
they are listed in TR.props.

I made quite a few changes so I would like to test a little
more tomorrow morning before I commit everything. I have
touched a lot of the service code, so could I have until
tomorrow afternoon to get the changes in before anyone
else commits any changes. Please :-)

It took me a while because I switched Turbine over to using
the Configuration class from Velocity. The Configuration class
was originally taken from Turbine and is an amalgamation
of ConfigrationRepository/Configurations/ExtendedProperties.
I have added methods to the Configuration class that make
it simple to keep properties ordered, easily create Configuration
subsets, easily convert Properties to Configurations ... I
have eliminated quite a bit of redundant code.

The changes I made will probably affect cocoon because
a Configuration class is now used to create the mapping
between service names and the corresponding class. Again
because the Configuration class automatically deals with
correct ordering. Cocoon uses the initMapping(Hashtable h)
which I've changed to initMapping(Configuration c) so
I'd like to take a look at their code first too.

Variants of the Configuration class are now used in
Velocity, Turbine and Cocoon so I would also like to
try and get the Configuration class into org.apache.util...,
so that it can be shared. It's a simple class but
it's very useful I think.

All the changes will be in early tomorrow afternoon (EST).


Jason van Zyl

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Best regards, 
   Tagunov Anthony

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