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Subject Re: XMLCompiler / XMLInterpreter - threadsafe?
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2001 17:24:37 GMT

We still have open in
the XalanJ2 bug database, posted originally by Davanum.  I still have a few
more patches to incorporate before I can get to this in a serious way
(still trying to catch up from having the flu a few weeks back).  Looking
back at Carsten's note (which I had missed until now), I think this is the
same bug.  I'll post it as a separate bug and make it dependent on 756.

If you do see bugs that you suspect are in Xalan, please do use Bugzilla.
That will make sure it doesn't fall off the radar.  It's a real struggle
keeping up with all the mail these days...


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          >               Subject:     XMLCompiler / XMLInterpreter - threadsafe?
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Are these 2 classes thread safe?

We are still having problems with concurrent access of C2 resources (see
Carsten Zieglers messages on the topic of "Strange problems with concurrent
access of Xalan-2.0.0") and trying to pin down what is happening.

One scenario where we can reproduce an effect like this is:

We have a C2-component that starts off several threads. Each thread then
accesses a C2 resource and the results are then combined into a single view
(did someone say "portal"?). We sometimes have an effect that the result
streams are mixed up. And as we are using the above classes for part of
and I was wondering if there could be a cause here.


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