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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject AW: strange resons not going beta (was Re: C2: trouble getting streaming to work as expected)
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2001 15:55:55 GMT

as you all know we have been using C2 in our sunShine platform for over 6 months.
We agree with Giacomo that the functionality currently in C2 is very stable.

The main problem we find when convincing customers to implement a C2-based infrastructure
is the fact that C2 is still alpha and relatively unknown.

We see two ways of fixing this:
1. Define a release date for the first beta and stick to it. Whatever is in
   C2 by that date is part of the release. The rest is then for the next version.
   This would then allow us to quickly generate more interest for C2.
   Caching: We suggest implementing a first version of caching based on the various
            suggestions in this list.

            We would volunteer to implement this by the end of April.

2. Define exactly what is considered necessary for a beta version, perhaps by way of
   a vote. Once the content has been defined and we have found volunteers to implement
   it, we can define a date for the beta release.

We would prefer the first alternative with a release date 1st of May, because 
- if we are able to quickly release a beta version of C2 then we should be able to get
  more developers involved and therefore speed up the addition of new features.
- the second alternative may take a long time to complete as the past has shown.
- the basics for content aggregation have already been implemented and so introducing
  this feature in a next release should not be difficult.


Open Source Group                        sunShine - b:Integrated
Carsten Ziegeler, S&N AG, Klingenderstrasse 5, D-33100 Paderborn                          mailto: 

> Giacomo Pati wrote:
> Quoting Berin Loritsch <>:
> >
> > No that isn't.  Cocoon 2 is still (for some strange reason) considered
> > Alpha software, so there are no direct downloads.
> This is the first time I've read that the missing features 
> (aggregation and
> caching) are strange reasons not going beta/production with Cocoon 2. Let
> me
> check this out. Who else finds this is strange.
> 1. Can you imagine that C1 users today will switch to C2 without a cache?
>    The fact is that C2 cannot compete with C1 (with cache enabled)
>    for static content delivery. This might lead to the situation
>    that we will support and maintain two versions at the same time.
>    C1 for faster static content delivery and C2 for dynamic publishing.
> 2. Is content aggregation a feature we need to go beta/production?
> I've only follow Stefano reasoning that those features are needed to go
> beta/production. But you all can convice me to change my mind :) 
> If most of
> you
> find these features are not needed for going beta/production we should ask
> on
> the user list what those people think about. I know C2 is very stable on
> what is implemented so far from projects I've realized with it (only
> dynamic
> systems which doesn't need caching). We all know that content aggregation
> will
> be a very cool feature to cut down your pages into smaller pieces 
> collected
> from
> different sources almost like browser use HTML frames but with a total
> different
> granularity (frame technology on the server side). And thus having a cache
> can
> boost performance of such aggregation tremendously.
> So, what are you oppinions on this?
> Giacomo
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