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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject AW: [C2] objectModel issues
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 07:11:00 GMT
> Berin Loritsch wrote:
> One of the ideas behind Cocoon is the ability to use it in
> different contexts like: JAMES Mailet, Servlet, Avalon Block,
> CommandLine, etc.  One of the things that we do that makes
> Cocoon inextricably tied to the Servlet API is the use of
> the HttpServletRequest (or even HttpRequest) objects in
> logicsheets, actions, and any place we want to get a request
> parameter.  This is not consistent with the Separation of
> Concerns pattern in use within Cocoon.  We have specified
> several interfaces that allows Cocoon to abstract out the
> interface from the implementation.
> What we have is a mess on our hands in this regard, because
> it forces Cocoon to be a Servlet, and only a Servlet.  Cocoon
> needs to specify the interfaces that it will allow internal
> components to use.  If that means redefining the HttpServletX
> interfaces to be Cocoon specific, then we need to do that.
> It will also allow us to have the HttpServlet22 and HttpServlet23
> classes in the archive at the same time.  That will allow the
> webapp to be compiled once and deployed in any Servlet 2.2+
> container--without recompiling.
> I would propose simplifying the Request/Response interfaces
> a little bit, and merging the Parameters and Attributes into
> one access point.  Also, by using this approach, we won't need
> to worry about having the Servlet jar in the classpath.
The tight binding between the Request/Response and the Parameters 
is really a problem. I thought by myself of this problem some time
ago and forgot about it....
My thoughts included a separate object for the parameters/attributes
which is always available in the objectModel. The request and response
objects are untouched and only available for the servlet environment,
offering the full servlet support if required.

So I would suggest a new Interface for this Parameter/Attributes object
which allows to query the parameters and attributes.


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