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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Bug (Saxon and xsl:include)
Date Sat, 10 Mar 2001 14:18:27 GMT
Sebastian Böhm <> wrote:
>there must be a bug but i dont know where.

Me neither.

Sebastian, please use a better subject line - when I am trying to refer back 
to an old email, it helps if the subject line says what it is about!

>xsl:include href="xyz.xsl"
>works with xalan perfectly
>but with saxon only in combination with jserv

Do you use the TRaX API when you use saxon only? That's what Cocoon uses and 
it looks to be calling it correctly (sheetBase is passed in). So my only 
idea is that Saxon's TRaX implementation is buggy.

>when I run coocon/saxon in tomcat than xsl:include does not wirk this way.
>I tried xsl:include href="file:/xyz.xsl", this works with saxon/tomcat but 
>want to use relative pathnames not absolute, file:xyz.xsl does not work.
>The same problem I have with Xt.

The XT DOM API doesn't support it. You'd have to modify XT or hack Cocoon 1 
to use SAX to call XT (which would make it slower).

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