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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Flowmaps, propagation, and aspect-oriented data processing
Date Sun, 18 Mar 2001 20:13:19 GMT
Giacomo Pati <> wrote:
> > ----------
> > 3. Are autopropagation, or flowmaps in general, useful for other 
> >
> > Possibly. This is already too long, so I'll just mention two half-baked
> > ideas of mine:
> >
> > 3.1. Hierarchical (or even non-hierarchical) menu systems. You might 
>want a
> > sidebar always displaying a context-sensitive menubar, for example, but 
> > a bad idea to redundantly place a submenu in every file in a directory,
> > obviously. You can use some form of including, but one file per menu 
> > menu files scattered all over, and one big menu file is better, but if 
> > already have a graphical flowmap editor it makes sense to use this to 
> > menus rather than reinventing the wheel. (Hmmm, weak justification!)
> >
> > 3.2. Drag and drop a subnet to a new part of the flowmap, and it
> > automatically picks up the "look-and-feel" of its new parent by 
> > even if the subnet is implemented by a diverse set of pipelines! Of 
> > this is just a sketchy idea without an implementation, and embodies 
> > big assumptions - that "branding" can be done with a cleanly separated
> > stylesheet and/or transformer added on to the pipeline, for example. In 
> > simple cases it could be, but not in others. You also need a different
> > definition of propagation because "look-and-feels" are not boolean
> > functions, unlike constraints!
> >
> > Insert your ideas here please!
>This goes IMHO into content aggregation as well. If you look at the
>proposal for it so far. It means that we will be able to implement what
>browsers call frame technology on the srver side but will a granularity
>which is never reached by any browser/HTML standard. Can you imagine to
>built up your navigation bar out of several aggregated items which
>processed through the sitemap/flowmap will be totally dynamic and
>generated by xsp or any generator you have at hand? And if we ever get a
>cache system like the one proposed so far C2 will be nevertheless fast.

Great! But I'm not sure how flowmaps or propagation fit into this. Could you 

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